Best Trent Severn Waterway PWC Day Rides

Where are the best Trent Severn Waterway PWC rides? With two free days of lock passage coming up – Sunday June 24 and Sunday, July 1 – personal watercraft riders will want to make the most of their freebie day rides. The Trent Severn Waterway is a 387-kilometre linear watercourse that runs generally east to west. It covers many elevations …

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Conserve Fuel To Combat High Gas Prices

Many boaters are exploring ways to conserve fuel to combat high gas prices this summer. Because as much as roadside gas stations are charging motorists this summer, boaters can expect to pay even more on the water. Although personal watercraft are considerably less expensive to operate than most other boats, savvy touring riders know about fuel economy and plan …

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Weather Protection Riding Tips For Sea Doo Tours

Let’s talk weather protection accessories for Sea Doo Tours for experienced riders and beginners on jet ski adventures. While riding your Sea-Doo watercraft, there’s no escaping constant exposure to the elements. Yet there’s no windshield, no helmet and no protective gear on my Sea Doo GTX 155 like on a motorcycle or snowmobile. So all those PWC riders clad …

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