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Best PWC Trailering Tips

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Check out my best PWC trailering tips! I’ve discovered many new waterways on my Sea Doo tours. I’ve also boosted my fun on the water by towing from destination to destination with my Sea-Doo watercraft on my 2-bed, Triton Elite WC11 trailer. Trailering your Sea-Doo, jet ski or waverunner personal watercraft on PWC adventures is easy. And here are a few pointers to keep it simple and safe…

Best PWC Trailering Tips: Secure Trailer to Tow Vehicle

Start by ensuring that your tow vehicle is rated for towing the extra weight of your PWC(s). And that your tow vehicle hitch is strong enough and properly attached. Make sure the ball on your tow vehicle hitch is the same size as the receiver coupler of your personal watercraft trailer.

Drop the trailer coupler over the ball, making sure its all the way down. Then flip down the coupler lever, placing a cotter pin through the lever to lock the ball firmly into the coupler. Double check this connection by trying to pull up on the trailer tongue to make sure it doesn’t shift or lift off the ball.

Next, criss-cross the trailer chains under the trailer ball. This configuration forms a safety net should the ball and coupler disconnect en route. Finally, place the chain hooks through the metal loops of your tow vehicle hitch. Now plug in your electrical hook up.

Best PWC Trailering Tips: Trailer Walk Around

Best PWC Trailering Tips

Photo © by Craig Nicholson

Before starting to tow (and preferably before loading PWC’s wherever possible), do a thorough visual inspection of your trailer. Make sure nothing is visibly hanging or loose, especially underneath. Eyeball your tires to make sure they appear properly inflated. Also check that there are no dents or bends in the rims. And that they are not covered in grease, which could indicate a bearing problem.

Next, check that all your trailer lights are working properly. And that your trailer tongue is at the correct angle. You should position it parallel to the ground or slightly higher. If not, reposition the height of your hitch ball up or down. I recommend that you also do a quick walk around after loading your PWC’s. This double check will help ensure that their weight hasn’t caused an unforeseen problem. Like a tire going flat or something popping apart underneath.

Proper front strap position.

Best PWC Trailering Tips: Secure Jet Ski Bow

Make sure each PWC is loaded as far forward as possible on the trailer bunks. Then fasten the metal hook at the end of your trailer’s winch strap through the metal loop on the bow of your PWC. The strap should go under the roller so the tightening motion is down into the trailer bed. And so that the strap is be also restrained from slipping sideways by the sides of the winch apparatus. Crank the winch handle until the PWC bow is tight against the trailer’s bow stop or roller. Then ensure that the winch lock lever is flipped into position against the gear so it won’t loosen off or unwind in transit.

Best PWC Trailering Tips: Secure Jet Ski Stern

Best PWC Trailering Tips

Photo © by Craig Nicholson

To hold your PWC’s stern in place, use heavy duty tie down straps or ratchet straps. Hook them from each of the two metal loops at the stern of your PWC to the two integrated metal loops at the rear of your trailer frame. Pull or ratchet them tight so that the PWC sterns won’t shift in transit. After driving a couple of kilometres, especially on bumpy roads, stop and double check that the rear tie downs are still tight.

Best PWC Trailering Tips: Secure Equipment

Before driving off, double check that any equipment on your PWC’s. This includes making sure mooring lines, seats or accessories are firmly closed, attached and fastened so as not to be dragged or lost in transit. If you have a PWC cover(s), double check that it is secure and tight. Or else the wind of towing may rip it apart or whisk it away.


Best PWC Trailering Tips

Photo © by Craig Nicholson

Best PWC Trailering Tips: Driving Tips

Now you’re good to trailer your PWC’s around the block or across the country. But remember that while towing the additional weight of a loaded trailer, it’s important to drive carefully. Moderate your speed, avoid jamming on the brakes or making sudden manoeuvres. And to stay well back from any vehicle ahead. Also, be careful while passing, watch out for crosswinds, and be sure to swing extra widely on all turns. And avoid these trailering mistakes!

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