Top 10 Ontario Sea Doo Tours For Day Rides

Here are my top 10 Ontario Sea Doo tours that experienced riders, beginners or renters can do without getting lost, running out of fuel or hitting a rock (unless you don’t follow the markers). Now there’s no need to procrastinate about getting out there for your first self guided Sea Doo ride away from familiar waters while going on personal watercraft adventures on PWC …

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Sea Doo Watercraft For Sale – Sea Doo Buying Tips

Here are some watercraft for sale Sea Doo buying tips for beginners. Those who’ve never owned a personal watercraft. Or don’t know much about them. Sea-Doo watercraft from BRP are jet-propelled boats that operate much like a motorcycle or snowmobile while going on Sea Doo tour in Ontario and throughout Canada. They provide the same exhilarating sensation of skimming over …

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Trent River Otonabee River Sea Doo Tour Ride Planner

This self guided Trent River Otonabee River Sea Doo Tour via Rice Lake is one of many exciting Ontario, Canada jet ski adventures I’ve discovered. My wife and I acquired a Triton Elite WCII watercraft trailer, so we could easily access Ontario Sea Doo riding destinations other than our own cottage lake. Most of our Sea Doo riding is also close to the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). …

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Muskoka Fall Sea Doo Tour

If you’re looking for a great destination to end your Ontario Sea Doo riding season, you won’t do any better than this Muskoka fall sea doo tour. Boat traffic’s way down after Labour Day and there’s plenty of colour along the rugged Canadian Shield shoreline – even before the leaves start turning. Best of all, there’s a pile …

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Eastern Ontario Sea Doo Tour Planner

This Eastern Ontario Sea Doo Tour combines a 280-kilometer day ride on the St. Lawrence River with a 200-kilometer day ride of the Lower Ottawa River. Both of these are on my list of Best River Rides. We planned the St. Lawrence ride to start in Morrisburg, Ontario on day one. It travels upriver through the famous 1000 Islands …

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