Best Trent Severn Waterway PWC Day Rides

Where are the best Trent Severn Waterway PWC rides? Riders have multiple choices ranging from relatively protected rivers routes for windy days and wide open lake cruising for those lazy, hot summer days. Or a combination of the two! The Trent Severn Waterway is a 387-kilometre linear watercourse that runs generally east to west. It covers many elevations of …

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Five Best Ontario Sea Doo River Rides

Sheer pleasure is what you can expect from recreational boating on one of five best Ontario Sea Doo river rides! Even a beginner can cover a lot of distance on a self guided, daylong Sea Doo tour on #ontariowaterways, clipping along at 64 to 80 kph (40 to 50 mph) wherever there’s no speed limit. Even given rest breaks, sight-seeing and fuel and …

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Sea Doo Launches For Southern Ontario Jet Skiing

For experienced Sea Doo riders and beginners, here’s an update of my best Sea Doo launches in Southern Ontario. Each of these top Sea Doo launches has good road access, lots of maneuvering room, ample parking, good water depth, a smooth ramp and dock facilities for your PWC adventures (see How To Launch Safely). Many also have bathroom/changing rooms and are free. …

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Top 10 Ontario Sea Doo Tours For Day Rides

Here are my top 10 Ontario Sea Doo tours that experienced riders, beginners or renters can do without getting lost, running out of fuel or hitting a rock (unless you don’t follow the markers). Now there’s no need to procrastinate about getting out there for your first self guided Sea Doo ride away from familiar waters while going on personal watercraft adventures on PWC …

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Best Ontario Sea Doo Tour Lodgings Near Water

Sea Doo tour lodgings on #ontariowaterways fall into three main groups for recreational boaters – waterfront lodgings with their own launch & docks (1), waterfront lodgings with Sea Doo, jet ski or waverunner personal watercraft launch and docking nearby (2), and lodgings a short trailer tow away from the water (3). All have their uses, depending on your needs at the time, whether you’re an …

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Sea Doo Watercraft For Sale – Sea Doo Buying Tips

Here are some watercraft for sale Sea Doo buying tips for beginners. Those who’ve never owned a personal watercraft. Or don’t know much about them. Sea-Doo watercraft from BRP are jet-propelled boats that operate much like a motorcycle or snowmobile while going on Sea Doo tour in Ontario and throughout Canada. They provide the same exhilarating sensation of skimming over …

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