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Monterey Floating Sunglasses Photos © by Craig Nicholson

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Why do you need the best floating sunglasses in your PWC riding gear for PWC adventures? It can happen to Sea Doo riding experts or PWC beginners in an instant. One second your favourite sunglasses are in place, the next they’re sinking out of sight. Maybe it was a wave. Perhaps it was the g-force of a sharp turn. Or maybe they just slipped off your face as you bent over at the dock.

Whatever the case, unless you’re quick as a seal and can dive like one, your sunglasses are gone. And your eyes are in for an uncomfortable day of Sea Doo riding if it’s sunny and bright. If you’re used to wearing sunglasses for protection from glare, wind and bugs while riding your Sea Doo, jet ski or waverunner personal watercraft, you may even have to cancel that day’s Sea Doo tour until you get new ones. Same goes for recreational boating.

Best Floating Sunglasses For Sea Doo Tours: Monterey

But not if you’re wearing Monterey Floating Sunglasses. While it’s unlikely these great fitting frames will slip off during most normal water activity, even if they do all you’d have to do is scoop them off the surface and put ‘em back on! No more buoyant straps or floater foam attached to your sunglasses and tickling the back of your neck all day. Just a pair of cool looking frames that float every time, so you’ll never sink another pair while Sea Doo riding.

Best Floating Sunglasses:

My float Test

Best Floating Sunglasses For Sea Doo Tours: Monterey Fashion & Function

The Monterey Floating Sunglasses are part of the high performance Atmosphere Premium Sport Collection from Visioncorp, an Edmonton-based eyewear supplier. The Monterey provides premium, polarized lens for optimum vision in bright sun and on the water. But the real kicker is its ultra strong, lightweight, TR90 frame, equipped with advanced air cell technology to guarantee your Monterey’s will float. They’re marketed as delivering the perfect balance between form and function, and after testing these fashionable specs on Sea-Doo rides, including deliberately throwing them overboard, after my product review I agree. They fit like a charm too – no adjustments, just comfortable from the get-go. What’s more, the frame is just enough of a wraparound to block out side glare, but not so much as to cause any lens distortion. Best of all, at $49.99 (CDN) Monterey’s are very affordable.

Best Floating Sunglasses:

Johnny & Trish testing Monterey’s

Best Floating Sunglasses For Sea Doo Tours: Strap Monterey’s On

The Monterey Floating Sunglasses come with a pre-drilled hole at the end of each arm. I suggest using the holes to attach an eyeglass head strap while Sea Doo riding. That way, you can keep them on through most waves, jumps and hard turns. Why? Because even though your Monterey’s float, if they fly off while you’re moving fast or riding big water on a Sea Doo tour, they may be hard to find. I also recommend going with either the Pewter/Orange or Black/Green frames, as their bright accent colours are easier to see if you’re searching. After all, what good is a pair of floating sunglasses if you can’t find them? And I like them so much that I really want to keep wearing them! That’s why they’re now part of my must-have PWC riding gear.

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