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One handed use of SPOT X Jet Ski Riding

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What are the benefits of SPOT X jet ski riding? In today’s world, we’ve become accustomed to (and reliant on) instant communication with family, friends, businesses and emergency services. Most often, we communicate by cellular phone or text message. However, this only works in range of a cell tower. Or in an area with reliable WIFI internet connection.

But as PWC owners know, cell service can be intermittent or non-existent while Sea Doo touring. This is especially true in more northern parts of the country, and even in some rural areas away from towns or highways.

SPOT X Jet Ski Riding

Stay In Touch With SPOT X Jet Ski Riding

Fortunately, SPOT X provides 2-way satellite text messaging via the Globalstar satellite network, even when you are in the middle of nowhere. The SPOT X is a rugged, weatherproof, compact unit that takes very little space in PWC glovebox or LinQ bag. The -20˚C rated battery life is incredible, lasting days or even weeks, depending on actual usage. Its utilitarian design is well-suited to the rigours of outdoor adventure use.

Keeping The Water Out

SPOT X  is water resistant, not waterproof. So don’t drop it in the drink, but it should survive an occasional splash okay. And the specs say it’s submersible up to 1 metre for 30 minutes.

To be avoid testing than claim, attach a floating lanyard that goes around your wrists whenever you use SPOT X on or near the water.  In transit, your safest bet to keep it dry is to carry SPOT X in a sealable waterproof pouch.

Send & Receive Text Messages

SPOT X can send and receive text messages to/from any cell phone. And since it has its own cell number, others can send you a message. So, you can rest assured that you can message for help even when there is no cell service.

For example, what if you’re out exploring unfamiliar waterways and find yourself with an unexpected emergency? One afternoon last summer, we had a personal watercraft breakdown that needed to be towed to the nearest boat launch. With SPOT X, we were able to contact friends and have them meet us there with a trailer. Otherwise, it would have been an all-day marathon trying to reconnect with our own trailers many miles away.

Get Emergency Help

What about in the case of a serious accident or health emergency? SPOT X can contact Emergency Services. Using the SOS button, you can contact search and rescue agencies directly (where services are available). In addition, you can reach out to your own emergency contacts. GPS coordinates are automatically sent with your message, allowing emergency crews to be able to find you.

Track Your Route

Another cool feature of SPOT X jet ski riding is to enable tracking available with the SPOT Mapping Service. Every few minutes your GPS coordinates are sent from your SPOT X and saved. This allows you to view your current position live. You can also review your day or entire trip route on your phone or computer whenever you wish. You can even share the map with your spouse, kids or friends. This way, they can follow you online while you cruise from place to place on your Sea Doo tour.

In the event of an emergency, this information could also be helpful for EMS personnel. With it, they can follow your route or find a faster way to where you are located. Of course, how frequently you want SPOT X to track and communicate your location coordinates can affect the duration of your battery charge.

SPOT X Connects To Your Smart Phone

What’s more, you can connect SPOT X to your cell phone via Bluetooth and use your phone’s familiar and larger colour touchscreen interface. You also have the option saving contacts right on the unit. Or when connected via Bluetooth, you can access your phone’s entire address book. This is very handy in the event you need to contact someone you hadn’t thought to preload on your SPOT X.

Custom Messaging & Check Ins

Just like cell phones, SPOT X has various monthly subscription plans. They are priced based on the number of custom messages you plan to send. And how frequently you want to track your location or movements. Their Flex plans allow you to only activate service for a month at a time or just the summer months. Perfect for personal watercraft riders!

But even the least expensive plan allows unlimited check-ins. With a single button press, these check-ins send your location via text or email to your list of designated contacts. Also, you are able to send an unlimited number of pre-defined messages. You can create and save up to 14 of these that you can select without retyping or affecting your plan’s message limits.

If you are on a Sea Doo tour, you might have pre-defined messages such as “Heading out for our day’s cruise”. Or “Arrived at the hotel for the night”, “Was a beautiful, hot day”, “Very scenic ride – wish you were here”.  You can also type a custom message or have an in-depth text conversation, but the number of these messages count towards your plan’s limits.

Social Media Updates

For those active on social media, SPOT X can send your day’s updates via Twitter or Facebook when you are out of cell range. However, the Facebook account must be a business account due to privacy limitations. My preference is not to update social media until I’m off the water for the day using reliable WIFI and enjoying a cool beverage after the day’s cruise. But if you’re someone who likes to make updates throughout the day, go for it!

Compass & Waypoints

SPOT X also has a built-in compass and allows you to set waypoints. These are great features for finding your way if you get totally turned around while exploring unfamiliar waterways.

How To’s of SPOT X Jet Ski Riding

Like any other satellite device, SPOT X has a few traits worth knowing about. When first powering up the unit, it may take up to 15 minutes to acquire the satellites and be ready to send or receive messages. So I suggest powering it up before climbing aboard your PWC’s in the morning. With the long battery life, I could leave it on all day while riding. Meanwhile, orienting SPOT X so that the antenna is facing upwards toward the sky will improve performance. Keep your SPOT X at least 12 inches away from other GPS devices.

Line of Sight Communication

Also, SPOT X needs a clear view of the sky to acquire satellites. So there is a chance that it may not connect in rocky channels or narrow rivers through dense forests. Or indoors while stopping for lunch. So you’ll have to move to a better location. And what if you end up at a remote hotel or campsite for the night where there is no cell service or WIFI available? You’ll most likely have to stand outside or on high ground to send your message!

Instead of a Smart Phone?

You can also use SPOT X as a stand-alone communication device. The unit is functional for this purpose, but its utilitarian design lacks the latest ergonomics that we have become used to with cell phones. But then, it’s not intended to be a smart phone. The LCD screen is black & white only and sometimes difficult to see in varying light conditions. But you can press the Power/Backlight Button to turn on/off keyboard and screen illumination for easier use.

It’s also not a touchscreen. Being an avid smart phone user, I found myself constantly trying to press the icons on the SPOT X screen as if it was. Strange, that never worked!

Ride with peace of mind with SPOT X Jet Ski Riding.

My Last Word

One of the biggest benefit of SPOT X is intangible. SPOT X provided us with consistent peace of mind while on the water. Just knowing that in case of emergency or breakdown we would be able to message for help was huge. Plus, in a worst case scenario, SPOT X could actually save someone’s life.

Meanwhile, having family able to follow our route and knowing they were only a text message away even in remote areas, was a big boon for them. Reassuring loved ones also allowed us to enjoy our favourite winter pastime even more.

All in all, SPOT X is a worthwhile investment. In my opinion, every avid PWC rider should seriously consider SPOT X as part of their regular riding equipment. And every jet ski riding group should carry at least one unit, just in case.

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