Drift Does It For Me! Each summer, I’m a personal watercraft journalist, riding my Sea-Doo PWC’s and I’ve also reviewed many other products. For years I’ve taken still photos to go with my Sea Doo tour articles, blogs and web postings, but the pressure’s been on to add video to my repertoire. Thanks to Drift (formerly Drift Innovation) and their premier dealer, Launch Helmet Cams, that’s been much easier than I expected.

The Drift HD170 Stealth is a breeze to learn and operate. It’s rugged, light and makes a great helmet cam. Best of all, it captures exceptional, high quality footage, even for a relative novice as I am. Check out my movies and see for yourself…

What’s Best About Drift…

For me, the best features of my Drift HD170 Stealth are its remote control, colour viewing screen and 32 GB memory card. Plus, Drift has oodles of accessories available, although the basic out of the box kit is very complete on its own. I also love its seamless interface with my MAC computer to download my videos.

One of my first concerns for shooting on the water was just how waterproof the Drift HD170 Stealth really is. I rode and shot video for much of the more than 100 hours of Sea-Dooing I did this summer. No, I didn’t dunk it under, but it did get splashed on periodically, with no ill effect.

So I was already happy with Drift. Then they introduced their new compact Drift Action Camera – a 1080 resolution mini helmet cam that’s about 25% smaller and lighter. Operationally, it’s essentially the same, and uses a micro SD memory card. But for my use on a PWC, this new unit is even more convenient, more easily stored when not in use, and is so light that I almost forget it’s still strapped to my head!

Overall, I couldn’t be happier with Drift and Launch Helmet Cams, and recommend them to highly over other makes to anyone who wants to make hassle-free, professional quality videos.

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