Each of my syndicated Intrepid Cottage newspaper columns is a light-hearted look at my experiences and adventures after becoming a waterfront property owner. It’s my sometimes warped take on all of the various trials and tribulations that every cottager while relate to and appreciate from their own experiences. Heck, if we can’t laugh at ourselves, we’re taking cottage life way too seriously – so enjoy my columns!

Cottage Contraptions – My cottage is a repository of craft and vehicles for every use known to man – and woman!

Let It All Hang Out – My struggles with a hammock.

Cottage Wardrobe – My life as a cottage fashion plate.

Feeding Frenzy – Pigging out at the cottage.

Little Brown Shack – Cottage adventures in the outhouse.


Intrepid Cottager on Radio – Listen to The Intrepid Cottager on Radio each summer on select radio stations in Ontario’s cottage country. It covers the full gamut of activities at the cottage and on the water to make your summer safer and more fun. Enjoy!