Sea Doo Acrobatics – maybe it’s something in the water…

Photo of sea doo acrobatics

Sea Doo Acrobatics

Maybe it’s all that fresh air. Maybe it’s the Olympics. Whatever the case, the thrill of the Sea Doo tour alone obviously isn’t enough anymore for some of my riding companions – and thanks to the camera of Trish Robinson, I have the photos to prove it. These stunt riders shall remain nameless, but you know who you are!

Photo of sea doo acrobatics Riding flat out!

Riding flat out!

What I’ve dubbed “acrobatic PWCing” started on our recent Ontario ride on the Ottawa River.  Who knows where it will go or if it will catch on? If you have any photos like these, please share so the rest of us can learn more moves.

Photo of no hands riding with sea doo acrobatics

Look ma, no hands!

What’s next, synchronized Sea-Dooing? I can hardly wait for the eye glitter, sequined costumes and makeup!  Hold up a card with a big 10 on it!

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