sea doo oil changeIt’s now 25 hours to first Sea Doo oil change, but I have ten hours etched on my brain. Like most powersports enthusiasts, I’m used to going easy on the throttle during that ten-hour period to properly break in a new engine, then taking my unit in for its first oil change service. But that’s not the case anymore…

While the ten-hour break in on new Sea-Doo watercraft is as important as ever, my first oil change is now due at 25 hours or three months, whichever comes first. You read that right, 2-5 hours! Current models like my Sea Doo GTX S 155 can run longer with less maintenance than ever before.

Subsequent oil changes aren’t as often either, but if you’re putting your Sea-Doo away for the winter at the end of the season, I’d recommend getting the oil changed before you do (unless it’s already been done fairly recently). Longer oil change intervals mean more uninterrupted fun time than any competitor offers – and less of my time and money spent on servicing, just like with my new truck. For many new owners, this change will mean not having to get that first oil change until the end of the summer!

Sea Doo Oil Change – So why XPS 4-Stroke Synthetic Oil?

For sure, BRP’s high tech XPS 4-Stroke Synthetic Oil plays a key role. BRP says it’s simply the best lubricant available for Sea-Doo watercraft. By extending the usage time between changes, BRP is really putting their money where their mouth is.

The other good reason for extending that first service interval is that current Sea-Doo assembly quality pushes back the need to do usual the checklist of preventative maintenance until the 25-hour mark. Based on extensive testing and lots of real use experience, BRP is very confident in switching from 10 to 25, but I may have trouble remembering my dealer’s name by the end of the summer!

The consumer benefits of this new Sea-Doo maintenance schedule are one more strong motivation to buy a new Sea-Doo watercraft. They also provide good incentive for owners to get out and do more riding.

While you’re doing that, I’ll be going through an emotional adjustment, fighting the pull of my traditional 10-hour service. If the warning light on my watercraft still goes off at 10 hours, I’m done for!

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