sea doo security system

Out with the old…

The 2015 Sea Doo watercraft arrived with the Sea Doo security system reinvented and I’m loving it on my Sea Doo GXT 155! Last winter, BRP introduced an improved RF DESS (Digitally Encoded Security System) Key on its Ski Doo snowmobiles. I’m now pleased to see that this innovation has also made it to their Sea Doo watercraft line up. So here’s my product review about what experienced Sea Doo riders and beginners need to know…

Sea Doo Security System – Improved RF DESS

sea doo security system

…in with the new

Gone is the old DESS, a female cap that fits over a male knob on the dash and relied on straight on surface-to-surface contact to operate properly. Instead, the improved RF DESS Key is a ball and socket design with an embedded radio frequency microchip. It ensures solid connection first time and every time. After using it all winter, I can attest to its functionality.

Sea Doo Security System Reinvented on Watercraft

Long time Ski Doo riders like me welcomed the improved RF DESS Key because it eliminates any fiddling around trying to get the old cap and knob properly aligned so the engine can start. The improved RF DESS Key proved to be so easy to use that I could get it into place without even looking or removing my snowmobile mitts.

Now the improved RF D.E.S.S. Key is on Sea Doo watercraft too and my wife, along with many other Sea Doo riders, send BRP their thanks. With the old system, some riders constantly had difficulty making the connection. Because the knob was located under the handlebars where it couldn’t be easily seen from the riding position. Talk about frustrating! The improved Sea Doo RF DESS Key remains situated in the same position. But it is so much easier to connect that Sea Doo riders should have no more problems from here on.

Sea Doo Security System DESS Rider Benefit

So what’s the rider benefit of the Digitally Encoded Security System? Each key has a unique, dealer programmable code that enables start up. Without it, no one else can use or drive off with your machine. And if someone does steal it, they can’t start it. DESS may not eliminate theft completely, but it sure discourages it. By the way, whether your Sea Doo has the old or the improved DESS Key, it’s a good idea to carry a properly programmed spare. Just in case you lose yours or leave it at home by mistake.

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