Photo of Marsha and I loving Sea Doo Suspension

I’m loving Sea Doo suspension and although I have some fall Sea Doo tours planned in Ontario to catch the autumn colours, my Sea-Doo season is almost a wrap. As I look back at my 100+ hours of PWC touring and other product reviews, two things stand out from an exceptional summer.

The first is obviously how great the weather was. I can’t remember a summer with so many consecutive days of sun and heat. In fact, although I built in a number of “rain” days when I planned my riding itinerary last spring, I only had two weather-related cancellations, one for rain and one for high winds. Other than that, no complaints whatsoever!

Nothing Beats Sea Doo Suspension…

The second thing that stood out for me because I did so much riding. Nothing beats the suspension on my Sea-Doo RXT iS 260! Sure, the brake is amazing, as are the hands-on-the-handle bar reverse and the watercraft’s incredible manoeuvrability. But mile in and mile out, the Sea-Doo Intelligent Suspension is the ultimate cat’s meow.

It adjusts automatically and frequently to changing water conditions, cushioning me from the sharp wave slap that might otherwise jar my weary bones. Many’s the time when we set out on waters smooth as glass, but returned on varying degrees of chop.  I watched the way the riders without suspension bounced around – especially their passengers – and my appreciation of suspension grew each time.

A Sea-Doo with suspension costs a little more, but if you’re going to keep it a while and do a lot of riding, suspension worth its weight on gold.  My wife rode a GTX S 155 this summer. That’s the one with adjustable (not automatic) suspension, and once you set the suspension for the weight of the rider, it works equally well.

So what the Sea-Doo marketers say is true: with suspension you can ride farther, harder and with less fatigue. And when you’re trying to cram as much riding as possible into an all-too-short summer, that’s just the ticket!

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