Sea Doo Spark Is Affordable, Fun, Exciting… 

Sea Doo Spark Trixx

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Sea-Doo ignites Spark, and it’s a game-changer. Especially for PWC beginners and entry-level buyers looking for remarkable affordability. This Sea-Doo watercraft is playful, nimble and colourful. And way lighter on the water and the wallet. With a price point far below most other watercraft, Spark continues to attract big time attention. It’s a  hot seller – and the Trixx model takes it to the next level of fun!

Anyone riding Spark will immediately harken back to the glory years of the early ‘90’s. That’s when you could really throw a Sea-Doo watercraft around on the water with a little body English. But to achieve this new playfulness, Sea-Doo went far, far ahead, not back.

With a price that low, what did Spark leave out?

My first question after the Spark launch was “With a price that low, what did they leave out?” But this personal watercraft isn’t some stripped down version of existing models. iI’s a totally re-invented model, a true paradigm shift. So in many ways, comparing it to other Sea Doo models is like comparing apples and oranges.

Spark has a state of the art new Exoskel and an advanced, deep-V hull. Both are made from recyclable Polytec, for lightweight strength. It’s powered by the best new 4-stroke on the water, the Rotax 900 ACE engine, capable of decent power and exceptional fuel savings.

Spark has many Sea Doo exclusives…

Spark also comes with many Sea-Doo exclusives found on their premium models. These include Intelligent Throttle Control (ITC), D-Sea-Bel sound suppression system, Closed Loop Cooling, Multifunction Digital Info Center, Off-Throttle Assisted Steering (O.T.A.S.). Intelligent Brake & Reverse (IBR) is an available option. Plus, Spark comes in many colour choices and a multitude of wrap designs that make customizing options almost endless. And all of this comes in a feather light package that weighs considerably less than existing jet ski models, easily towable behind even a compact car.

What kind of Spark ride can I expect?

My second question was “What kind of ride can I expect?” Riding Spark is an out and out blast. It captures the essence of jet ski fun on the water. A little body English, angle and attitude enable any rider to put Spark through whatever exciting paces you can handle. Miraculously, Sea-Doo has achieved this remarkable manoeuvrability without sacrificing stability or ride confidence for those who just want to toot around their lake.

Best of all, Sea-Doo designers and engineers have met the ambitious challenge of delivering consumers a ridiculously affordable 2-for-1 opportunity.That is to buy two Spark watercraft + a 2-bed Move trailer for the price of one premium Sea Doo model! Apparently, many of us are taking BRP up on their offer, so the waterways will be going Spark crazy again this summer.

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