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marine rope

Photo ©2016 by Craig Nicholson

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Where do you get the best marine rope, mooring lines and dock rope & boat rope? Being both a cottager and a recreational boater, I’ve often needed rope for mooring, docking anchoring, rigging, towing and water sports – and for my Sea-Doo GTX 155. But getting the right length, weight, colour and load rating can be frustrating.

Whether you’re a personal watercraft expert or a PWC beginner as a Waverunner, jet ski or Sea Doo rider, choices at many stores are either limited or come in hard shell packaging that don’t make comparison-shopping easy. I was particularly stymied trying to find about 40’ of ultra strong, floating towrope. One that wasn’t too bulky for the limited PWC riding gear storage aboard my personal watercraft. And that’s when I discovered The Rope Store

Marine Rope Store Retail

I never thought I’d get excited about rope. But The Rope Store offers it for every need I’ve ever thought of and even some I haven’t. At The Rope Store, I was able to see, touch and compare easily and have my questions answered personally by Rope Store owner and operator Norm Grant, who has been in the rope business for decades and really knows his stuff about recreational boating.

Marine Rope Store Online

marine rope

Photo ©2016 by Craig Nicholson

The Rope Store is physically located in a nondescript, roadside building on Wooler Road near Trenton, Ontario, just south of Highway 401 exit 522. If you’re in the area, it’s worth a drop in. But no matter where you live in the world, you can take care of all your roping needs online.

In fact, Norm says the majority of his business is global online orders for both marine and industrial use. He ships rope around the world on a daily basis and I can see why…he offers an amazing array of types and choices, and the highest quality product (made on the premises) at the lowest prices available anywhere. Online orders usually ship within 24 to 48 hours. So when you need the best marine rope for recreational boating, call Norm toll free at 1-866-609-2468 or check out his Online Rope Store! One more great addition to my PWC riding gear.

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