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Need some handy products for Sea Doo riding? As an avid Sea Doo tour guy, I’m always looking for new PWC riding gear. Ones that make life on the water easier and more comfortable for experienced jet ski riders and PWC beginners.

Sometimes, these products are specifically made for Sea Doo, jet ski or waverunner PWC adventures. Other times, I find useful personal watercraft ideas at my local drug store or supermarket. So here are product reviews for three off the shelf PWC riding gear items. I’ve used and recommend each for a Sea Doo tour or recreational boating.

3 Handy Products for Sea Doo ToursHandy Products For Sea Doo Tours: Clif Bars

Ever had that weary feeling in the mid-afternoon with many more kilometres to go before being able to moor your jet ski for the day? The best pick me up I’ve found is a Clif Bar. They are available in more than 10 flavours. Also are conveniently packaged in an easy open packet, Best of all, these wholesome ingredient bars are 70% organic sports nutrition. But what I care about is how quickly one can recharge my depleting energy level. And the answer is fast and long lasting. That’s why I always have several Clif bars packed in my Sea Doo riding gear. They are handy just in case I ever have to spend an unexpected time on the water! Available at many drug and outdoors stores.

3 Handy Products for Sea Doo Tours

Handy Products For Sea Doo Tours: Toilet Paper To Go

Okay, so maybe we don’t want to talk much about getting caught short on the water. Or arriving with legs crossed at a facility that has no toilet paper. So let’s whisper this. You should always ride prepared. That makes the handiest way to carry Toilet Paper To Go. It comes in several other brand names too. But all of which come in a handy, travel size, dispenser. And that keeps the tissue clean, neat and dry until needed, just saying…

Handy Products For Sea Doo Tours: Magic Eraser

3 Handy Products for Sea Doo ToursI like a brightly coloured Sea Doo watercraft. But the downside is that any surface that’s not black quickly shows scuff marks, water stains or dirt. Keeping my jet ski looking like new used to be a chore. Then, I discovered Mr. Clean® Magic Eraser® Extra Power. A Magic Eraser feels like a chunk of air foam, But it transforms into a super cleaner when activated by water. Now with very little effort, I can keep my PWC factory-fresh. Available at most stores that sell household cleaning supplies. Just don’t use it while your jet ski is near the water.

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