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Linq System makes water touring a breeze

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2018 marked the migration of BRP’s proprietary LinQ System to premium Sea Doo watercraft. This heralds a major expansion for fun on the water for jet ski riders. The LinQ System opens the door to enhanced PWC day riding and Sea Doo touring as never before seen. Let the new PWC adventures begin!

Certainly, Ski Doo snowmobilers and Can Am ATV riders have already enjoyed the LinQ System experience. This includes the added convenience, security, cargo space and new possibilities that LinQ has brought to their touring adventures. Now Sea Doo has upped their game and expanded our aquatic riding horizons by adding LinQ System capabilities and compatibility to your PWC riding gear.

I’m a committed LinQ user on Ski Doo snowmobiles. So I can attest from personal experience that these accessories are the slickest, sturdiest, most secure and most versatile way to carry extra PWC riding gear. Now I’m also hooked on what the LinQ System brings to the water.

Integrated Linq System Accessories

Linq System is stackable

First year Sea Doo offerings include a LinQ cargo bag, fuel caddy and refreshment cooler. All three can be attached to the rear deck as stand-alone units. The cargo bag and cooler are also stackable on top of the fuel caddy. All these new LinQ System accessories attach rock-solidly to LinQ brackets integrated into the newly designed Sea Doo rear deck.

Equally important, they detach easily with the simple flip of levers built into the sides of each LinQ item. Given how the LinQ offerings have proliferated on Ski Doo and Can Am, I’m sure we can expect even more innovative LinQ System PWC riding gear options from Sea Doo, sooner than later. And yes, the same LinQ products fit both Sea-Doo and Ski-Doo!

One new LinQ product is the LinQ Lock. Adding it deters theft of your various LinQ accessories, new or old. But note that LinQ Lock doesn’t prevent anyone stealing your contents or fuel.

How Does Linq System Encourage Touring?

LinQ System allows greater distances & longer days

Removes Barriers

So what else does the advent of LinQ on Sea Doo presage? First, as already noted above, it means encouraging more Sea Doo touring and jet ski day riding. Being able to carry extra PWC fuel enables riders to explore new waterways with less concern about where the next fill up is. Having easy access to cool refreshments certainly makes days on the water more enjoyable. And having room for more PWC riding gear necessities (in addition to under hood storage), allows jet ski riders greater flexibility for distances and conditions. Gone are several major barriers to riding outside your traditional comfort zone.

Repositions Touring Models

Second, LinQ System on the water represents a welcome shift for Sea Doo. BRP’s land-based powersports products (Ski-Doo, Can-AM Off-Road Vehicles and Spyder) are each largely positioned to encourage their owners to go places, see new sights and enjoy new experiences. But Sea Doo started out years ago positioned as a cottage toy for playing around your lake. And for many owners, that hasn’t changed much. Only very recently have increasing numbers of Sea Doo riders started to their watercraft’s touring possibilities.

Prior to LinQ, Sea Doo had already opened the door for more PWC touring. It introduced the very affordably priced entry-level Spark and expanded its Rec Lite line up. Spark has created a major PWC resurgence and brought many new PWC riders to Sea Doo. Spark is specifically positioned for those who want to try jet skis for the first time. Most are initially content to play around or to do some casual local riding. Meanwhile, the Sea Doo GTI models help bridge the gap between the entry level Spark and premium models (GTX, GTR, RXP & RXT).

So how does this help enable more touring? The Spark move provided BRP the opportunity to differentiate and distinguish – and dare I say, re-purpose – Sea Doo premium models. With their advanced technologies and innovations (like Linq System), these models are geared to spending more time – and distance – on the water. So Sea Doo has quietly and brilliantly moved to open and grow a whole new segment of riders whose passion is discovery, exploration and adventures.

Who Will LinQ System Attract?

I suspect that early converts will include powersports enthusiasts who already enjoy touring in other seasons on other BRP products. There’s also a huge group of baby boomers, cottagers and other water lovers who are ripe for this kind of touring experience. What’s more, they want ultimate comfort, convenience and versatility while doing it.

The LinQ System is their portal to more, longer, fun on the water on premium Sea Doo watercraft that deliver all the PWC riding gear amenities for touring.

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