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richelieu river sea doo tour

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Our self guided Richelieu River Sea Doo tour in Quebec was a fantastic PWC adventure that I’d highly recommend to any recreational boater. Cruiser, runabout and Sea Doo, jet ski or waverunner personal watercraft owners have much in common when it comes to selecting a good destination for a Sea Doo tour. So if you’re looking for a new marine adventure or more rides like it, this one’s for you (To view full magazine story, click on the article above)

Richelieu River Sea Doo Tour: First Time for Sea Doo & Jet Ski in Quebec…

Although I’m experienced with Sea Doo riding, I hadn’t done any prior Quebec cruising on my Sea Doo GTX 155. I had lots of questions about where to go and what to expect. Like other recreational boaters, I was looking for well-marked, navigable waters, good marina facilities, boat-friendly shore side lodgings and restaurants. And a scenic, safe voyage. I also needed to be able to converse in English.

I found all this and more on our 800-kilometre Sea Doo tour centred around Quebec’s Richelieu River, with sojourns into Lake Champlain and the St. Lawrence River. Riding Sea-Doo watercraft, Frank & Beth Crocco and Johnny Biasi & Trish Robinson joined my wife, Marsha, and I on this Sea Doo ride. What we discovered and the advice I can offer are equally applicable to those who choose to do this Sea Doo tour (or any part of it) in other kinds of recreational boats or at a more leisurely pace.

Richelieu River Sea Doo Tour: East of Montreal…

View of Mont-Saint-Hillaire on my Richelieu River Sea Doo Tour

Mont-Saint-Hillaire, Quebec photo © by Craig Nicholson

Located just east of Montreal, the Richelieu River flows about 170 kilometres from the north end of Lake Champlain downstream to the St. Lawrence River at the City of Sorel-Tracy. Throughout history, everyone from the Iroquois and French explorers to traders and military expeditions have navigated the Richelieu. Today, it’s an important part of the international  “Lakes to Locks” recreational route. This enables recreational boaters to cruise from the Montreal/St. Lawrence area down the Hudson River to New York City. Or to connect to the Erie or Oswego canals.

Richelieu River Sea Doo Tour: Jet Ski Friendly Lodgings…

Waterfront, Burlington, Vermont on richelieu river sea doo tour

Waterfront of Burlington, Vermont photo © by Craig Nicholson

For those of us that want to spend each night ashore (not much sleeping room on a PWC or a runabout), the regional Tourisme Montérégie suggested some of their finest waterfront lodgings (see photos and listing below). In tour order, they are – Auberge du Lac Champlain (Venise-en-Quebec), Manoir Rouville-Campbell (Mont-Saint-Hilaire), Auberge de la Rive (Sorel), and Auberge Hadfield (Saint-Marc-sur Richelieu). Each either has its own docks or an adjacent marina, and offers excellent lodgings plus an on site restaurant for Sea Doo riders.




Read my entire Sea-Doo tour article, “Riding the Richelieu” as published in Canadian Yachting Magazine. 

Here’s a quick Richelieu River Sea Doo Tour snapshot…

Picture of Auberge du Lac Champlain on my Richelieu River Sea Doo Tour

Auberge du Lac Champlain


Day One –

Trailer to Auberge du Lac Champlain, Venise-en-Quebec. Located across the road from a boat launch, the classy new Auberge du Lac Champlain consists of tastefully appointed rooms and villa style cottages. Offering an outdoor pool, spa, adjacent restaurant and plenty of parking, it’s ideal for staging a PWC trip. Located on the west shore of Lake Champlain’s Mississquoi Bay with fuel nearby.

Day Two, Lake Champlain –

Ride south on Lake Champlain to Plattsburg, NY and Burlington VT, returning to Auberge du Lac.

View Sea Doo Tours Lac Champlain Day 2 in a larger map


Photo of Manoir Rouville-Campbell on my Richelieu River Sea Doo Tour

Manoir Rouville-Campbell

Day Three, Richelieu River –

Ride north on Richelieu River and overnight at Manoir Rouville-Campbell, Mont-Saint-Hilaire. Constructed in 1850, the Manoir Rouville-Campbell provides boaters with a magnificent slice of luxurious history in a splendidly landscaped setting. From docks to dining room, outdoor terrace and pub, the Manoir provides excellent respite after a day on the Richelieu. Located on east side of the river, with fuel on the opposite shore.

View Sea Doo Tour Richelieu River Day 3 in a larger map


Photo of Auberge de la Rive on my Richelieu River Sea Doo Tour

Auberge de la Rive

Day Four, Richelieu & St. Lawrence Rivers  –

Ride north on Richelieu and explore east on St Lawrence River to Trois Rivières, overnighting at Auberge de la Rive, Sorel. With docking and fuel available at the Marina Saurel next door, the Auberge de la Rive offers an outdoor pool, on site restaurant and bar. With a boat launch and plenty of parking, it’s also a good staging hotel if you want to start at the St. Lawrence end of this tour. Located on the St. Lawrence, just east of the Richelieu.

View Sea Doo Tours Richelieu River Day 4 in a larger map


Photo of Auberge Handfield on my Richelieu River Sea Doo Tour

Auberge Handfield

Day Five, St. Lawrence River –

Explore west on the St Lawrence to Montreal, then ride south on Richelieu, overnighting at Auberge Handfield, Saint-Marc-sur-Richelieu. Complete with an outdoor pool and hot tub with terrace snack bar and lounge overlooking the river, the Auberge Handfield also provides excellent dock facilities and a scrumptious on site restaurant. Located on the west side of the river with fuel nearby.

View Sea Doo Tours Richelieu River Day 5 in a larger map


Day Six, Richelieu River & Lake Champlain –

Ride south on Richelieu to Lake Champlain and back to Venise-en-Quebec. Stay overnight at Auberge du Lac Champlain.

View Sea Doo Tours Richelieu River Day 6 in a larger map

Day Seven – Trailer home


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Riders should reconfirm the routes and services mentioned in this article as they may have changed since publication. Any map is for reference only and any marked lines or locations are not intended as an exact or accurate depiction of positions.


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