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Photo of Small SEE Waterproof Neck Pouch

Small SEE Waterproof Neck Pouch

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Why do I use a SEE™ Waterproof Neck Pouch for Sea Doo, jet ski or waverunner PWC adventures? The problem it solves is how to safely carry my important ID, PWC papers, money and credit cards on a Sea Doo tour to keep them dry, handy and secure.

You might be thinking that it’s not an issue if you’re just Sea Doo riding casually close to your cottage or camp or if you are a beginner. Because who needs a wallet for an hour or two of fun? But what if you’re stopped by a marine patrol? What if you get into an accident? What if you decide to stop for gas or an ice cream cone? The fact is you should always have your PWC papers, personal ID with you, along with some cash. Carrying items like these with you is a must on a self guided Sea Doo tour or jet ski riding day adventure.

Waterproof Neck Pouch Trial and Error

I’ve tried different methods for carrying my wallet or some of its contents while Sea Doo riding. These include wrapping the entire wallet in a Ziploc baggie and placing it in the “glove box” storage space under my Sea Doo handlebars. While this space is handy, it’s not waterproof. So I moved my wallet to the dry storage bin under the front hood. Here, it’s waterproof, but not as handy. I’m always very careful when opening this space to avoid inadvertently dropping some item overboard as a I rummage around inside. And there’s always the possibility of dropping the wallet while handling its contents.

Meanwhile, some of the time when going ashore to eat, shop or sightsee on a Sea Doo tour, I’d left my wallet on board my Sea Doo watercraft and have to go back for it. So keeping my wallet on board my PWC wasn’t ever going to be as handy as having it on my person. Unfortunately, my person is much more likely to get wet while Sea Doo riding. Either from being splashed or dunked. And that could mean a wet wallet. But none of my PWC apparel has pockets, much less any that are waterproof. So where to keep my important stuff on a Sea Doo tour?

waterproof neck pouchConvention ID Holder

My eureka moment came at a convention. At registration, I received a holder with a neck string for my delegate ID. And bingo, I’d found a way to carry papers and ID on my personal watercraft! I wasn’t big enough to hold my stuffed wallet. But that was okay because I don’t need all of its contents while Sea Doo riding. So I placed my ID, PWC ownership, registration and proof of insurance, my Pleasurecraft Operator’s Card in the neck holder. Plus cash, credit cards and emergency contact info. It worked…secure around my neck, held in place under my PFD, handy to access, and always with me. Only one major problem. It wasn’t waterproof in any way. Which brings me full circle to my opening question: Why do I use a SEE™ Waterproof Neck Pouch for Sea Doo tours?

SEE Waterproof Neck Pouch

Photo of Large SEE Waterproof Neck Pouch

Large SEE Waterproof Neck Pouch

My SEE Waterproof Neck Pouch is part of the SealLine of waterproof gear made by Cascade Designs. While these products are primarily targeted at paddlers, sea kayakers and surfers, I figured if SealLine could keep their gear dry, it would also work for PWC riders (see my SealLine Waterproof Duffle review). The SEE Waterproof Pouch is similarly configured to my convention neck purse. And in addition to all of its many advantages, my SEE Waterproof Pouch is also fabricated to keep contents bone dry. It’s available in two sizes (small = credit card size; large = passport size) and two colours (blue, orange). Both have roll down tops to seal out water and clear front panels so I can see what’s inside.

Worry Free Riding

My SEE Waterproof Neck Pouch hangs conveniently from my neck with its integrated, adjustable cord and is held securely against my chest by my PFD. Here, it doesn’t go anywhere, even if I’m in the water. I put my SEE Waterproof Neck Pouch on at my tow vehicle away from the water and don’t take it off again until I’m back at my vehicle. With it always hanging around my neck on a Sea Doo ride, I don’t have to worry. Not about setting it down or forgetting it anywhere. Not about losing anything en route or getting contents wet. What’s more, besides my ID, PWC papers, money and credit cards, there’s also room for the SEE Waterproof Pouch for my smartphone!

I still use my See Waterproof Neck Pouch despite now having a watertight storage compartment on my Sea Doo watercraft. It’s good to keep my smart phone dry and secure. But my neck pouch ensures that I always have my cash and ID with me wherever I go.

Sometimes it’s the simple things that can really make a difference. And my SEE Waterproof Neck Pouch is one that’s made my Sea Doo tours considerably more enjoyable.

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