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Ontario PWC Rentals

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Looking for Ontario PWC Rentals? It’s a good idea for beginners to try before you buy, so if riding a personal watercraft appeals to you, use this Sea Doo, jet ski and Waverunner Ontario Rental List to rent one.

Do it for a couple of hours or a full day of PWC adventures on my best river rides, top 10 day tours or to see great sightseeing attractions. Maybe you are already hooked, but only have time to go Sea Doo riding once or twice each summer. Or perhaps you already own a PWC, but need an extra for a guest weekend. Whatever your reason, Ontario has a number of locations where you can rent a personal watercraft. And there are bound to be others not included on this list, but it’s a good start!

Tips About Ontario PWC Rentals

As with most powersports products for rent, the available units tend to be more entry-level than premium models. But you’ll get a basic idea of what PWC riding’s all about. I suggest that you ask the model year of the rental units available. Because at least if you get a current or near-current year watercraft, it will likely be in decent shape. Just don’t expect all the bells and whistles that can be had on more expensive models.

RIde Solo

If you are serious about checking out PWC riding before a possible purchase, I highly recommend that you ride solo for your first ride. Yes, that means if there are two of you, the rental cost will be doubled. But it’s really important that your first impression and early learning experience be riding 1-up, even if it’s a supposedly “2-up” PWC. Why? Because personal watercraft handle very differently with only one rider on board. This is especially true of the smaller entry-level models. They tend to be shorter, narrower and a little less stable than bigger ones made for cruising.

So piling two riders on a rental may be a quick and cheap way to have fun and get wet. But it won’t give you a true picture of how well the unit handles or what it can really do. At the very least, ride for at least 20 minutes on your own before doubling up, so you can feel the differences. In my experience, riding double is much more comfortable on a three-seater PWC than on one with only two seats!

What You Need

To rent a PWC, you’ll need to show your Pleasurecraft Operators Card. Before you leave the dock, be sure to get some basic training from the rental staff on how to operate a PWC safely, including always wearing a PFD. In fact, it’s probably a good idea to do some safety prep of your own before renting, so check out my article on safe riding habits so you’re one step ahead. Also, be sure you know what to take on your personal watercraft ride.

My Last Word

One final tip if you’re thinking of trying before you buy. If you rent from an authorized PWC dealer, their staff might be better able to answer your questions. Like inquiries about the differences between their rental unit and other models you could be interested in buying. Who knows? You might even be able to get a credit for your rental fee against the purchase price of your new PWC. Now get out there and enjoy some time on Ontario’s water!

Central Ontario PWC Rentals

Barrie/Lake Simcoe (Sea-Doo) – Flextoy Powesrsport Rentals
Barrie/Lake Simcoe (Sea-Doo, Waverunner) – Ontario Powersports Rentals
Baysville/Muskoka (Sea-Doo) – Baysville Marina
Bobcaygeon/Kawartha Lakes (Waverunner) – Buckeye Surf & Snow
Burleigh Falls/Kawartha Lakes (Sea-Doo) – Kawartha Adventure Rentals
Collingwood/Georgian Bay (Waverunner) – XtremeAdventures
Dwight/Muskoka (Sea-Doo, Waverunner, Jet Ski) – Back Country Tours
Gravenhurst/Muskoka (Sea-Doo) – Muskoka Boat & Sea-Doo
Gravenhurst/Muskoka Wharf (Sea-Doo) – Muskoka Boat Rental
Haliburton (Sea-Doo) – Harper Marine
Haliburton (Sea-Doo, Waverunner, Jet Ski) – Back Country Tours
Keswick/Lake Simcoe – Lake Simcoe Watersport Rentals
MacTier/Muskoka Lakes (Sea-Doo) – Mariner’s Cove Marina
MacTier/Muskoka (Sea-Doo) – The Cove
Oakville/Lake Ontario (Sea Doo) – Wet ‘n’ Wild Watersports
Orillia/Lake Couchiching – (Sea Doo) – Lake Country Rentals
Penetanguishene/Georgian Bay (Waverunner – Diverse Rentals
Toronto (Sea-Doo, Waverunner) – Exclusive Sport Rentals
Toronto (Sea Doo Watercraft) – Toronto PWC

Western Ontario PWC Rentals

Grand Bend/Lake Huron (Sea-Doo, Waverunner) – Xtreme Water Sports
Grand Bend/lake Huron – Grand Bend Sea Doo Rentals
Port Stanely/Lake Erie (Sea Doo) – Splash Rentals
Turkey Point/Port Dover /Lake Erie(Sea-Doo)Waveline Sea-Doo Rentals
Turkey Point/Lake Erie (Sea Doo) – Turkey Point Water Sports
Wainfleet/Lake Erie (Sea Doo) – 905 Rentals

Eastern Ontario PWC Rentals

Arnprior/Ottawa/Ottawa River (Sea Doo) – Constance Bay Rentals
Kingston/1000 Islands/St Lawrence River (Sea Doo) – Treasure Island Marina
Ottawa/Eganville/Rideau Lakes (Waverunner) – H20 Rentals
Ottawa/Ottawa River (Jet Ski) – Jetski Ottawa
Perth/Rideau Lakes (Sea-Doo) – Outdoor Adventure Rentals
Picton/Bay of Quinte (Waverunner) – Westlake Watersports

Northern Ontario PWC Rentals

Mindemoya, Manitoulin Island/North Channel (Sea Doo) – Island Outfitters & Adventure Sport Rentals

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