Choose a Triton PWC Trailer for Sea Doo Tours…

triton pwc trailer

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Here’s my Triton PWC Trailer Product Review for experienced jet ski riders and PWC beginners. if you like this, check out more of my real world opinions on other products and my trailering tips for Sea Doo tours.

When my Sea-Doo watercraft are out of the water after a Sea Doo tour, I want them as secure, safe and smoothly travelled as possible. With all the touring and towing I do, I need a strong, reliable trailer capable of handling the length and weight of my 3-seaters.

Triton PWC Trailer – Elite Model…

That’s why my jet ski trailer of choice is a 2-bed Elite WC11 by Triton Trailers. I’ve hauled my personal watercraft around on this lightweight and easy-towing Triton Trailer for many summers. And thousands of kilometres, with no problems whatsoever. In fact, my Triton still looks and tows like new.

Triton PWC Trailer – No Problems…

Besides the road distances I’ve pulled it, my Triton has also been dipped into just about every waterway in Southern Ontario. Many more than once. Despite all those immersions, there’s been no rust (all aluminum body). Plus no electrical problems and the bearings and axles are still tip-top.

Triton PWC Trailer – Smooth Towing…

With all my towing, I also really appreciate my Triton’s high quality radial tires. A step above most others, they provide good traction. They are also super durable for highway towing. When combined with Triton’s torsion spring set up, my trailer’s ride is smooth, stable and sway-free. In fact, I sometimes forget I’m towing anything.

Triton PWC Trailer – Easy On, Easy Off…

My Triton Trailer is equipped with a handy tongue jack, tongue-mounted spare tire and ratchet straps. It also provides me with easy access all around my loaded Sea-Doo watercraft. And every time I arrive at another boat launch, I’m reminded once again of how Triton makes my jet ski riding that much more enjoyable. Easy off, easy on – love my Triton!

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