Make the Most of Every Ride by Avoiding Simple Problems…

Jet Ski Ride Spoilers

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If you want an enjoyable experience, avoid these top ten ski spoilers. Sea Doo, jet ski or waverunner beginners can benefit from this advice too. These 10 spoilers may seem like no-brainers. But anyone of them can really screw up your personal watercraft adventures.

And worst of all, you’ll have no one to blame but yourself! And just in case you’re wondering…yes, each one of them has happened to me on a Sea Doo tour!

Jet Ski Ride Spoilers – Riding Illegally

Nothing can spoil your Sea Doo tour faster than being stopped by a marine patrol and not having the required emergency / safety equipment on board or not carrying the proper paperwork.

Jet Ski Ride Spoilers – Missing Sunglasses

A sunny day of Sea Doo riding without sunglasses is like going snowmobiling with no visor on your helmet. You’ll be squinting all day trying to see properly and have no eye protection from sun, wind, bugs or spray.

Jet Ski Ride Spoilers

Jet Ski Ride Spoilers – Loose Drain Plugs

Drain plugs are there to let water out after a Sea Doo ride. Unfortunately, they will let even more water in if they are loose or unplugged when you launch your PWC.

Jet Ski Ride Spoilers – No Key

You can’t go Sea Doo riding if you can’t start your PWC, and nothing makes you feel like a total idiot as much as forgetting your ignition key or bringing the wrong one.

Jet Ski Ride Spoilers – Blocked Impeller

Your impeller sucks in the water that jets out the back to provide propulsion. Unfortunately, weeds, debris and small stones can also get sucked in, especially if you venture into water that’s too shallow – and then you’re going nowhere on your Sea Doo tour. Same goes for sucking in a loose mooring rope!

Jet Ski Ride Spoilers

Jet Ski Ride Spoilers – Losing Valuables

All it takes is an instant’s fumble to drop something valuable overboard while Sea Doo riding, like your smart phone or camera, but worst is your wallet because there goes all your ID, cash and credit cards – maybe needed to get back home.

Jet Ski Ride Spoilers – Running on Empty

Nothing ratchets up your stress level like watching your low fuel light come on while Sea Doo riding with no fuel stop in sight. Running out is even worse, because PWC’s don’t paddle or tow worth a damn.

Jet Ski Ride Spoilers – Not Applying Sun Lotion

While riding your PWC on a sunny or hazy day, there’s no escaping damaging sunrays and you’ll burn to a crisp without frequently applied protection, suffering both on your Sea Doo ride and for days after.

Jet Ski Ride Spoilers

Jet Ski Ride Spoilers – Forgetting Your PFD

You’ll not only feel naked and unprotected without your PFD, it’s also unsafe to Sea Doo ride without it, and in most jurisdictions it’s illegal not to have one.

Jet Ski Ride Spoilers – Butt Burning

Any PWC seat that’s been exposed to the direct sun for even a short period of time can get hot enough to fry your ass and make Sea Doo riding very uncomfortable – unless you want to stand all day!

While any one of these easy ways can spoil your Sea Doo tour on the water, what’s even worse is when more than one occurs on the same Sea Doo ride. That’s the day you really should have stayed in bed!

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